Our powerful Oxi Action formula provides whiter whites and amazing stain removal (vs greyed fabrics). Want our best? Try our Oxi Action Crystal White Powder for superior whitening, stain and odour removal results!



  • Whitens whites* whether it be your favourite jumper or a white shirt
  • Lifts away stand out stains from makeup to coffee
  • Chlorine free formula, safe to use on everyday fabrics such as cotton and polyester
*vs. greyed fabrics
What It Works On

What It Works On

Our Crystal White Stain Remover Powder is safe to use on white cotton or polyester clothing.

If you want to spruce up your towels or bedsheets, add a scoop of Vanish to your wash.

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How To Use

Use a dose in every wash to help your clothes live for longer!

How to Use
  1. Mix 1/4 scoop of powder with 3/4 scoop of water
  2. Apply the mix on the stain and rub as needed
  3. Leave the paste on the stain for 5 minutes maximum
  4. Add another scoop in the wash with your regular detergent
If in doubt, test on a small, inconspicuous area before full application. Always follow the instructions on the back of the packaging



Free From

Chlorine bleach.

Cleaning Boosters & Helpers

Cleaning Boosters & Helpers

Zeolites - Soften water.

Sodium Carbonate - Enhances deep cleaning.

Cellulase - Smoothens damaged fibres, making whites whiter.

Optical Brighteners - Enhance garment whiteness.

Unbeatable Stain Fighters

Unbeatable Stain Fighters

Sodium percarbonate - Releases active oxygen to lift out stains and odours safely.

Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED) - Boosts stain removal even at low temperature.

Enzymes - Break down food, starch and outdoor stains.

Anionic & Non-Ionic Surfactants - Remove greasy stains safely.


Our powder packaging can be widely recycled, so when you’re finished make sure you recycle your Vanish Powder tub and label so you can give it another life.


To add a whitening boost to your wash, just add a dose of Vanish gel into the drawer with your regular detergent. You should add a dose to every wash to remove stains and prevent your whites from fading over time.

To reduce the risk of colour run and your favourite items fading, you should wash whites and coloured items separately. For the best results, use Oxi Action Multi Power Powder to keep colours bright and Oxi Action Crystal White Powder for whiter whites.

Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White is our most effective and superior formula. Whilst our standard Oxi Action formula provides amazing stain removal and whitening, our Oxi Action formula eliminates odours, whitens whites and performs deep hygiene action* alongside tackling tough stains!

*removes stains for a hygiene boost

Our Oxi Action Crystal White Powder should not be used on delicate items like silk or wool. Instead, we recommend using our specially formulated Oxi Advance Crystal White Gel, which provides effective whitening power for delicate clothes like silk and wool.