It doesn’t matter whether you’re dining at a fancy dinner party or shovelling in a quick bite before a long meeting – you may often find yourself struggling to remove food and drink stains from your favourite clothes. Now you can also tackle lingering odours and keep colours bright when you wash them with Vanish. No matter what you spill on your clothes, when you use Vanish Oxi Advance in your wash the deep hygiene action* gives your garments a thorough clean every time.


*removes stains for a hygiene boost.

Clothes Live Longer With Vanish

So much used but still wearable clothing ends up in UK landfill every year – 350,000 tonnes of it. You can give your worn-out clothes a new lease of life by reviving old fabrics, patching holes and upcycling garments into something completely new. With a little help from Vanish, you can get to work treating stains, mending wear-and-tear, and learning how to repurpose clothes to help them live longer lives.