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The UK’s #1 Stain Remover*

New Vanish removes stains even at 20°c and in just 30 minutes! Whatever The Challenge, Bring On Vanish.

*Kantar GB & NI Market, Laundry Stain Removal, Value Share %, 52we 29th October 2023. For verification, email

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Breathe Life Into Clothes & Carpet

At Vanish, we’re experts in Stain Removal, Whitening, Clothing Care & Carpet Care. Browse our handy step-by-step guides where you can find the answers to your common household stain problems.

Top Laundry Topics

Whether you want to brighten dingy whites, remove lingering odours or tackle stubborn stains, you’ll find the solutions to your laundry problems with Vanish. Read our expert guides to discover more.

#Help Double the Life of your Clothes #rewear

So much used but still wearable clothing ends up in UK landfill every year – 350,000 tonnes of it. You can give your worn-out clothes a new lease of life by reviving old fabrics, patching holes and upcycling garments into something completely new. With a little help from Vanish, you can get to work treating stains, mending wear-and-tear, and learning how to repurpose clothes to help them live longer lives.


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At Vanish, we are committed to helping clothes and carpets live longer lives. Browse our range of Stain Removers, Whiteners, Laundry Boosters and Carpet Cleaners to discover more.