The amazing whitening and stain removal power of Vanish ensures your whites always look their best. By using our three-step cleaning and stain removal process, you can pre-treat, soak or wash your items to keep whites bright, remove lingering odours and banish stains for good.

Frequently asked questions

To add a whitening boost to your wash, just add a dose of Vanish gel into the drawer with your regular detergent. You should add a dose to every wash to remove stains and prevent your whites from fading over time.

To reduce the risk of colour run and your favourite items fading, you should wash whites and coloured items separately. For the best results, use Oxi Action Multi Power Powder to keep colours bright and Oxi Action Crystal White Powder for whiter whites.

Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White is our most effective and superior formula. Whilst our standard Oxi Action formula provides amazing stain removal and whitening, our Oxi Action formula eliminates odours, whitens whites and performs deep hygiene action* alongside tackling tough stains!

*removes stains for a hygiene boost