Tip Exchange

Cooking Oil on Cotton


Any suggestions for getting a dried in cooking oil stain out of a cotton t shirt please?

Ice Cream on Other


Hi. I gave my girlfriend's sister a lift from school and she managed to spill chocolate milkshake on the back seat of my car. Is there any way I can get rid of the stain as the time has come to sell it? Thanks.

Red Wine on Carpets


Hair dye stain on carpet! HELP

Tomato Sauce on Cotton


My son has gotten spaghetti bol down his favorite white t-shirt how do I get the stain out please help

Deodorant on Cotton


I have got a glow in the dark silly string stain on my black jumper how can I get it off? :(

Deep Down Dirt on White Fabrics


How do you clear dirt from your trainer laces?

Chocolate on Other


I have been searching for a way to remove stuborn stains from my sons high chair restraints as they get disgustingly dirty and he insists on putting them in his mouth so i thought id give putting them in the sink with vanish added to the water as most kitchen sprays don't touch them and they have come up gleaming i'm so pleased, i hope this helps other mum's struggling with the same problem!

Deep Down Dirt on Carpets


If you have deep down dirt use powerpowder

Body Soil on Denim


I clean my body soiled jeans by putting them in the washer with some vanish,works a treat even on heavily soiled jeans which mine usually are.

Deep Down Dirt on Denim


Got feces all over my jean jacket. And I mean ALL over that thing. Vanish hasn't removed the stain, but it's created a dip-dye effect in the garment and I'm pretty sure it's clean.

Curry on Silk


Hey Guys & Gals! Curry oil stained tea towel was in the wash basket, i forgot and put two not one cream silk tops into the wash basket, hence I they both got covered in yellow/orange oily curry stains. I reached for the Vanish made a paste, applied the paste that turned red, at this point i said to myself lord have mercy! Put them both in the washing machine with the rest of my whites and even the offending tea towel, an extra scoop of vanished in the wash with the wash liquid, on for a 2hr wash just to be sure the vanished had time to do its work! OMG! Clean bright tops no yellow/orange oily curry stains and the tea towel was clean to without a pre treatment, So pleased, happy that I don't have to throw away tops after one outing! GO VANISH!

Red Fruit Juice on Synthetic


As soon as you notice the stain grab vanish ultra white and mix with water till you create a paste. Rub into stain adding a little extra water. Stain should go blue. Rub untill its gone then put it straight in the wash