Tip Exchange

Cooking Oil on Cotton


Splashed my best T with Coconut Oil, how do I get rid of the oil spots

Clay on Other


This jumper is made out of polyester and there is dried PVA glue (I said clay becuase there wasnt an option of having PVA glue as the stain) on the sleeves from my kids messing about! How do I get rid or this stain?

Body Soil on Silk


Baby sick on christening dress had it dry cleaned but still there can you wash silk?

Tea on White Fabrics


Where I sprayed the top with vanish stain remover on the reverse side of the top when I washed and dried the top it has left a yellow stain please help

Deep Down Dirt on Cotton


Help! I used some Vanish on a pen stain on my son's school uniform (white polo shirt), I used the spray and meant to wait for a few minutes before washing it... unfortunately I completely forgot to put it in the wash machine last night, it has now left the shirt with light yellow stains, I have put it in some water to soak. Will these yellow stains go when I wash it?

Clay on Carpets


Toothpaste in the carpet!! What is the best way to get it out please?

Makeup on Other


Hi I can't get make up off my pillows. I have used Ariel liquid and make up still on the pillow. What shall I do

Tea on Other


I did an interesting experiment today, I have a container of "Vanish" stain remover, for when I get bad stains on anything, there was just a small amount left, so I decided to try it in my stainless steel sink. My sink does get turned brown with all the tea pot emptying's, and the bottom of my bowl also gets brown for the same reason. I clean it now and then the hard way, detergent and a scrubbing brush on the bowl, and a stainless steel cleaner on the sink. Today I half filed the sink, tipped in the vanish, stood the bowl in, put some water in the bowl to stop it floating, and forgot it for an hour. When I check the bowl was just like new, and so was the sink, I will certainly be cleaning it that way again, no effort at all.

Tea on Other


I have found that Vanish powder, any type, diluted in hot water, removes all stains from modern, white, composite kitchen sinks. Leave in the sink for about 20 mins. and then drain and rinse. No scrubbing required. I have found this returns the sink to it's original colour and is far better than any other normal cleaner.

Mud and soil on White Fabrics


Omg why has noone come up with these 2 tips before now... 1-Add a little Vanish to some warm water in a small cup then pour onto the stain and rub (stain gone) or 2- Do the above in reverse (stain gone) Dahhhh

Blood on Cotton


For really tough stains... Keep an empty jar and lid of vanish. Put some vanish and water in, screw the lid shut and shake until dissolved. Put soiled item in, shake. Add more water as necessary, shake some more and let sit. Then wash on cold as normal. Super stain fighting.

Makeup on Other


My son had a leaky pen at school and the blue ink leaked over his blazer, we all know how much they can cost so was dreading the result after washing it :( it didn't come out in the washing machine even after 3 washes so I decided to use good old vanish pre-wash bar, I soaked the blazer in cold water, then rubbed the vanish bar over the ink, rubber it in and honestly I was shocked to see the ink coming out, I blotted the stain with kitchen towel and the ink vanished :) no more ink, fresh clean blazer! very happy mum :))