Tip Exchange

Makeup on Wool


My daughter has hair dye on a wool/synthetic jumper. Can it be saved?

Makeup on White Fabrics


How do I get rid of tan mixed with drink?? Need help

Greyness on Other


I have a dress which is part white and part blue. Somehow the white bit has been stained greyish somewhat and I need to know how to fix it without ruining the blue too! I tried soaking it in vanish and washing it but that didn't work. Please help!

Grass Stains on Cotton


My friend has really bad grass stains on his socks and he can't seem to get them out. Any ideas on what he can do??

Deep Down Dirt on Other


What is the best way to get out lipstick?

Deep Down Dirt on Cotton


How to get school socks really clean and white

Motor oil and grease on Carpets


1.Scrape off excess oil with a knife. The apply baking soda directly onto the stain. Let it sit for 15 mins and then vacuum the carpet.

Tea on Other


Remove stains from Melamine cups using Vanish Gold Action Powder. Add one teaspoon of Vanish to each cup and half fill with very hot water. Wait a few minutes for the foam to settle then fill the cup to the top with more hot water and stir. Leave for at least two hours then rinse thoroughly. Also removes tea stains from teaspoons.

Deep Down Dirt on Other


A really burnt on pan. No scrubbing, just a little warm water over the burnt on areas, a pink measure of Vanish and leave overnight. Pan perfect in the morning. Who would have thought?

Gravy on Cotton


Spilt gravy on my white cotton T-shirt, put it in the washing machine with normal detergent and hey presto it came clean. Amazed at how easy it was.

Deep Down Dirt on Cotton


my husband had a large stain on his trouser leg after he accidently caught them on the tow bar on the trailer pre treated with vanish gold then washed like magic it dissapeard brilliant thank you so much

Red Fruit Juice on Other


New cleaning method! Blackberries, freshly picked, slowly boiled in saucepan. Stained saucepan. Filled saucepan with hot water, added one scoop of vanish, left to soak. Hey presto one very clean saucepan. See before and after photos. Brilliant. I have used these saucepans everyday for over 20 years.