How to Remove Outdoor Stains

Come rain or shine, some stains are unavoidable when faced with the great outdoors. From grass stains on the kids’ trousers after playing football in the garden, to grease stains spoiling your shirt working on the car, your clothes can be in the firing line for many types of outdoor stains. Thanks to Vanish, we have a range of products that can make tough stains history and get your favourite items looking their best.

Common outdoor stains are no match for the powerful Vanish Oxi Action formula. Simply pre-treat, soak or wash your item using Vanish and wait for the fast-acting formula to do its job. For stains that persist past the first wash, combine all three steps for maximum results. 

Knowing how to remove outdoor stains properly means you can enjoy your favourite pastimes, without having to worry about your clothes. If you’re looking to remove stains that occur inside the home, take a look at how to remove household stains. Or, read more in our helpful guides to removing outdoor stains.


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