Can Vanish Be Used On Coloured Clothes

Whether it’s a Hawaiian shirt, a plaid skirt or your T-shirt, incorporating colours into your wardrobe can be fun in any season. However, the colour on your clothes can fade and grow dull after multiple wears and washes. Fortunately, Vanish brightens your coloured clothes while removing stains and odours, all thanks to its powerful Oxi Advance formula.

For the best results when cleaning colours, you can either pre-treat or soak, and then wash with either Vanish Gold Oxi Advance Pink Gel or Vanish Gold Oxi Advance Pink Powder.

To find out more about the best way to keep your coloured clothes stain free and at their best, read our instructions below:

How to use Vanish for coloured clothes

The answer to keeping your coloured clothes in great condition doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. Our products are specially designed to be safe on coloured clothes without fading them, in turn, helping you to keep them bright for longer. Simply follow the instructions below for using Vanish Gold Oxi Advance Pink Gel or Vanish Gold Oxi Advance Pink Powder to brighten colours in your laundry.

Step 1 — Dissolve 1 cap (100ml) of Vanish Gel or 1 scoop of Vanish powder in 4L of warm or cold water (max 40°).

Step 2 — Soak coloured items in the solution for a maximum of 1 hour.

Step 3 — Wash as usual with your regular detergent and with another scoop of Vanish powder or cap of Vanish gel in your washing machine.

Important: You can use Vanish on coloured clothes, however, always read the label on the packaging before use. If you’re worried, test on a small, inconspicuous area before full use. 

How to prevent colour run

There is nothing more frustrating than pulling your clothes out of the machine and realising that the dyes have run, or your brightly coloured clothes are now a new shade of dull. The Vanish Oxi Advance formula not only removes stains and odours but also helps to prevent colour run to brighten faded coloured clothes.

To help prevent colour run in new clothes, always add a scoop or dose of Vanish to your wash and simply follow the steps above to get items looking as close to new as possible.


Live by the label: The label is a handy cheat-sheet sewn into your clothes that will tell you exactly how to care for them. Don’t risk it – if the label says that your coloured item can only be dry cleaned, take it to a professional cleaner.

Air-dry: The heat from your tumble dryer can damage the colour pigmentation in your clothes more than you would expect. Opt for the natural way, and leave your washing to air dry to help preserve your items.

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General advice

  • Please refer to the packaging for specific product usage and advice.
  • KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Store the product only in the original container and always fasten the lid.
  • Do not expose product to direct sunlight.
  • Before use check for colour fastness by testing a hidden area of the fabric  When using the Vanish Carpet range, test on an inconspicuous area of the rug or carpet.
  • For best results it may be necessary to repeat parts of the process.