Under arm sweat – and related body odour – is an unavoidable fact of life. It’s an involuntary physical effect of fear, excitement or simply a long, hot summer, and neither your whites nor your coloured clothes are safe from it. But with Vanish, it has never been easier to remove sweat odour from your clothes, thanks to the Oxi Action formula, which has ‘MultiPower’ – it removes stains and odours while brightening colours! It also uses deep hygiene action* which gives clothes a deep clean in-wash every time, leaving them smelling and feeling fresh .
For maximum results, we recommend a three-step process with Vanish Oxi Action Multi Power Powder or Vanish Oxi Action Multi Power Gel. All you have to do is either pre-treat, soak or use in the wash to remove body odour from clothes, including sweat.
Read on for more information on laundry odour removal on your garments.
*Removes stains for a hygiene boost.

How to remove body odour smells from clothes

Perspiration helps to regulate your body temperature, but it does also have a talent for getting deep into the fibres of your clothes – and staying there! No need to sweat it though, just use Vanish Oxi Action Multi Power Powder or Vanish Oxi Action Multi Power Gel on your coloured clothes to remove stubborn odours. Simply follow the instructions below:




Vanish Oxi Action Multi Power Gel


  1. For tough and dried in stains, apply 100ml of gel.
  2. For normal stains use 50ml of gel.
  3. Dose detergent as normal.
  4. Just add one dose in every wash.


Business as usual – When looking to remove sweat odour from your clothes, don’t forget to separate your coloured and white garments before the wash and use the relevant Vanish product.
Invest in a good deodorant – Appling a generous amount of deodorant daily provides a layer of odour protection between you and your garment and keeps you feeling fresh all day.


General advice

- Please refer to the packaging for specific product usage and advice.
- KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Store the product only in the original container and always fasten the lid.
- Do not expose product to direct sunlight.
- Before use check for colour fastness by testing a hidden area of the fabric, rug or carpet.
- For best results it may be necessary to repeat parts of the process.