Tip Exchange

Makeup on White Fabrics


on my white salwar there is a stain of fabric paint .how to get rid of it

Makeup on White Fabrics


How can I ge UV paint out of a white fabric?

Coffee on Linen


I spilt coffee on my new white linen bed sheet what do I do?

Honey on Carpets


How do I get honey out of my carpet?

Greyness on Cotton


How much Vanish oxi do I use as I don't have a scoop

Red Wine on Wool


How do you get a green ink stain out of a woollen jacket ?

Makeup on Other


My son had a leaky pen at school and the blue ink leaked over his blazer, we all know how much they can cost so was dreading the result after washing it :( it didn't come out in the washing machine even after 3 washes so I decided to use good old vanish pre-wash bar, I soaked the blazer in cold water, then rubbed the vanish bar over the ink, rubber it in and honestly I was shocked to see the ink coming out, I blotted the stain with kitchen towel and the ink vanished :) no more ink, fresh clean blazer! very happy mum :))

Red Wine on Other


If you spill white wine on any ind of fabrics this works a charm! An absolute charm! Try pouring red wine on top of the white wine you will not believe the results!

Motor oil and grease on Cotton


How do I get green emulsion paint out of an outside jacket which is 100% polyester filling, 100% polyester lining and 100% cotton (SHFLL)-I think that this means the shell outing of the jacket. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!!! He absolutely loves this coat!!!

Greyness on Cotton


How can I remove mould from a cream cotton cushion which I can't put in the washing machine because of the decoration on it?

Red Wine on Other


Red wine splattered over a large expanse of wall. Made up a paste of vanish oxi action and boiling water and allowed it to cool. Painted vanish solution over stains and they disappeared within 30 minutes, brilliant!

Deep Down Dirt on Cotton


The deep down dirt is in fact black ink. Unfortunately this appears to be kryptonite to oxy gold! Disappointed with product however it did improve the whiteness of the shirt only to enhance the appearance of the stain. Not the result II was looking for. Top tip, cheaper to buy inexpensive shirts and replace.