How to Remove Food & Drink Stains

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dining at a fancy dinner party or shovelling in a quick bite before a long meeting – you may often find yourself struggling to remove food and drink stains from your favourite clothes. Fortunately, thanks to Vanish and our Oxi Action formula, you can restore your well-loved items to their former glory in no time – even from toughest, baked-in marks.

Depending on the severity of your stain, you can choose to tackle it with a pre-treat, soak or wash. Plus, our scoops for the powders and caps for the gels are specially designed to act as a nifty tool for helping you to lift the stain for good. It’s so easy! For more in-depth information on specific food stain removal and drink stain removal, peruse our wide range of stain removal articles below:

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