How to Remove Bodily Stains

While body fluids are entirely natural, that doesn’t mean body fluid stains should ruin your favourite items. Whether it’s your go-to gym clothes that suffer from ugly sweat stains or your little one having an accident in their PJs, there’s no need to banish the item to the back of the wardrobe. Vanish has a range of products that can tackle stains on different types of fabrics so you can carry on loving your clothes for longer.

Get rid of tough marks in no time with one of our easy three stain removal methods: pre-treat, soak or wash. Even in a cold wash, you’ll see amazing results!

To ensure you get the best clean, it’s important to know how to tackle certain stains properly – and thanks to our handy guides, removing body stains is no longer a mystery. Discover more about how to get rid of bodily fluid stains by reading our articles below.

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