How to recycle all of your Vanish products


Confused about what to do with your Vanish products at home when they're finished? Here's all the information you need to ensure you feel as good about your impact on the environment as you do about removing all the stains in your home!



At Vanish, we have partnered with OPRL and TerraCycle® to give you guidance on how to recycle our products and provide a way to recycle all of our packaging, even if your local council does not have a collection for a specific material.


What is an OPRL? 

The On Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) is a simple and consistent UK- wide labelling icon, designed to give you guidance on whether a product's packaging can be recycled. By using the OPRL icons on our packaging, we hope that it makes it easier for you to recycle our products once you've finished using them.



Who Are TerraCycle?

TerraCycle® is an expert in developing solutions for packaging that cannot yet be recycled in the home recycling bins provided by your local council.

We have built this partnership to ensure you are able to recycle Vanish Vanish Carpet Care Powder Bags, which are often not widely accepted by local councils for free.

In return putting the Vanish Carpet Care Powder bags into the Vanish TerraCycle recycling program members will receive points, which can be redeemed for charitable gifts of their choice. Visit our programme information page here for more information on how you can recycle your Vanish Carpet Care Powder Bags .



For more information on our Love For Longer campaign to reduce the amount of stain clothing going to landfill click here.