Vanish Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery, Powerpowder

Combats carpet stains and dirt build up, especially in the high traffic areas of your home such as hallways, staircases and doorways

Product Features

  • UK's #1 carpet cleaner brand
  • Soften, freshen & clean your carpet more effectively than vacuuming alone
  • Moist powder removes tough ground in dirt, odours & dust, for amazing deep carpet cleaning
  • Shake and clean, resealable grab-bag
  • For cleaner carpets and upholstery in no time!

Pack Contents: 650 G

Product Description

Vanish Carpet Powder cleans, freshens and also softens your carpet the more you use it, thanks to our special formula with added conditioning ingredients. For an easy and effective way of cleaning your carpets and high traffic areas of your home.

(For ingredients information: Contains: 5% Oxygen based bleaching agent, Anionic surfactants, Perfume

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Store the product only in the original container.

1. Ventilate the room well prior to use. Vacuum the carpet before use. 2. Shake the Vanish container vigorously before each use to maximise product coverage. 3. Remove cap & treat an area of 0.8m squared at a time, sprinkle evenly on the carpet. Do not add water. 4. Using a soft bristle brush, immediately brush the powder thoroughly into the carpet. Continue to the next section. 5. Wait at least 20 minutes for the powder to dry. Meanwhile replace cap tightly & fit a new vacuum bag or empty the machine. Now vacuum the whole carpet thoroughly. 6. Occasionally you may find light patches after cleaning. The powder can bind to stain residues; remove the residues with a soft brush and vacuum again.

Test a hidden section of the carpet for colour fastness. In case of spillages or half solid substances (e.g. butter, ketchup) remove excess stains and pre-treat with VANISH Oxi-Action Carpet Stain Remover. Check vacuum cleaner is in working condition, according to manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure the bag is well fixed and not full; change bag regularly. Check presence and status of filters. If using a bagless vacuum cleaner, empty the tank and clean the filter before vacuuming the powder. Empty the vacuum cleaner tank regularly. For central Vacuum Cleaners refer to manufacturer’s indications. Re-close pack for best preservation of product. DO NOT USE with: Water Filter type vacuum cleaners, Water Extraction or Shampooer Machines, any other machine treatment involving water. DO NOT USE on ‘velvet’ materials, brocade or those unsuitable for wet cleaning

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Do not breathe dust when applying and vacuuming the product. Do not get in contact with eyes and skin. Ventilate area after use. Store the product only in the original container. If product gets into eyes, rinse with plenty of water. Do not ingest. If swallowed get medical attention.

Product Code: 05011417558904