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Colours of the Stainbow

Throughout history rainbows have been the source of much mythology – unexplained, they mystified the ancient world as the vibrant range of colours was extremely rare to see in the average personals lifetime.     

Although a rainbow may be colourful, and look pretty, each of the seven colours in the rainbow also represent some of the most challenging stains that you may encounter when it comes to doing the laundry. However, you can always sleep easy knowing that Vanish has the perfect product to help you, whatever the colour of your stain.

Red – Blood

Whether you’ve managed to cut yourself chopping the carrots, or your child has fallen over, the first colour in the stainbow is certainly not the one you would want to see anywhere. The usual fear is that it can stain clothes if not removed straight away, but with Vanish, stains that are up to seven days old can still be removed - even the more challenging ones such as blood.

Orange – Curry Stains

All curries have one thing in common – the ability to stain clothes. Due to the spices that are in them, such as turmeric and paprika, if you spill some of your meal on your clothes it can feel like a nightmare. Fortunately it isn’t because Vanish whether you like your curry mild or hot, curry stains can always be removed.