Fabric Whitening & Brightening Tips

Bright white garments and bedding look amazing; however, it does mean that when you do encounter a stain, there is no hiding it. Likewise, your whites don’t always stay as white as you’d like them to be. Fortunately, Vanish has a range of whitening products that can maintain or restore faded whites while still providing powerful stain removal – so you can maintain your favourite white items for longer.

Keeping whites white has always had a reputation for being the hardest part of the laundry process. Thanks to Vanish and our powerful Oxi Action formula, that’s no longer the case. It works hard to banish stains and restore the brilliance of your white clothes. Simply pre-treat, soak or wash your items using Vanish – or combine all three steps – to get maximum results.

Knowing how to care for your white items is half the battle, which is why our helpful step-by-step guides on fabric whitening and brightening are there to help. Learn more about loving your whites for longer by reading the articles listed below.

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